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Eric M. E. Larson

OEC Desktop/LAN Specialist

Office: 311a OEC

Phone number: 651-962-5252

Mail number: #4348


Job description:

I am responsible for maintaining the health and well-being of the computers in OEC (except for those related to ISS -- that's Tom Murphy's job).  The academic departments I support are:

Attentive and frequent visitors to this page will note I no longer support History or Political Science; those departments moved to Albertus Magnus Hall (renamed to the John Roach Center) in Summer 2000, and are now supported by Chris Aamodt.

In addition, I support the following "non-faculty" departments in OEC:

(Note that I don't create or maintain these departments' web pages.  Comments or concerns should be addressed to the Web Master listed on each page.  In leiu of that, the department chair should be able to direct you to the proper party.)

Projects I'm working on:

Committee membership:

Education and experience:

Links that I recommend (and why):

Date last updated: October 6th, 2000