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Eric M. Larson

Academic Technology Support Manager

Office: FOL 103

Phone number: 651-962-6258

Mail number: #4348


Job description:

I help (I don't like the terms "supervise" or "manage" when you're dealing with human beings...) four of the local Academic Technology Support Specialists (AcTSS) around the St. Paul campus.  If they have a problem, they can come to me.  If we need something done, I go to them.


AcTSS Location Support
John Kinsella OEC
(my old stomping ground)
Jo Young JRC
Drew Sosinski OSS/OWS
  • Sciences (departments too numerous to list)
Joann Martyn LOR, BEC, MCN
  • Undergraduate Business
  • Communication
  • Music
  • Art History
  • Social Work

(Note that IRT doesn't create or maintain any of those departments' web pages.  Comments or concerns should be addressed to the Web Master listed on each page.  In lieu of that, the department chair should be able to direct you to the proper party.)

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Date last updated: December 11th, 2002