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updated 7.6.2004

I'm keen on building sites by using bits and pieces of other things or tools that are available free/cheap.  So, in order to share the knowledge (and to help me remember what I'm doing as well), here's a rough list of what I use:

PhotoSite is much, much better than VillagePhoto.  Why?  Read on...

VillagePhoto is a replacement for PhotoPoint, which got so popular that it went out of business.  They let you create photo albums, and don't have a problem with "hot linking" (that is, linking to the photos from other sites, like using them in an eBay posting).

UPDATE:  February 2004.  ARGH!  Okay, technically VillagePhotos didn't "go out of business".  They just instituted a new policy ("Please note, free accounts must be accessed at least once a month to remain active and avoid automatic removal.") and restricted their services (so I can no longer include the photos within my pages, but have to send you there directly) without e-mailing their customers!  

Do you want to invest your money with these folks?  I know I don't!  So, I've re-uploaded my photos, but be warned that I don't recommend them in the least!

UPDATE:   February 2004.  Ummm...  In the middle of re-uploading the images that VillagePhotos kindly deleted, I get the following message.  I'm no expert, but isn't this a bad sign?

Uploading Images: Results

aspSmartUpload error '800a0009'

Subscript out of range

/upload2.asp, line 22


(And, yes, I realize that "you get what you pay for".  But it amazes me how many companies throw out free services as P.R., and then make those free services function so poorly that nobody in their right mind would pay for that company's services.  But maybe I just don't understand the intricacies of a business model that seems to parallel the famous, "Sure, we lose money on every sale, but we make it up in volume!")

MagicFlare is a product that creates fancy Flash-based text effects.  You can see what it looks like at the homepage of ention.net/; the "Welcome to..." thing was done in MagicFlare.

RealSlideshow is really cool -- it's what I used to create Ella's "Intercession" -- but it's nearly impossible to find now.  With any luck you can still root around on the RealNetworks site and track it down.



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