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updated 7.6.2004

I love my wife.  A lot.

I won't bore you with the details of how we met, fell in love, got engaged, etc.  All you need to know is that we met in 1992, were friends for years, started dating (actually, "dating again," but that's another story) in 1996, got engaged, and were married in June of 1998.

If you want to see enlargements of any of these photos, just click on them.  They'll take awhile to load here, because I was lazy and only scanned one (full-size) version.  So you're just seeing a shrunken version of the big pictures.  But that does mean that if you click on them they'll immediately appear in all their glory.

Here's Ruth in the Badlands of South Dakota.  We were on a trip with her family to Yellowstone - what I'd consider my first true "American Vacation" along the lines of what you see in the National Lampoon movies (but without all the tragic hijinks...)  By the way, the Badlands are really cool.

After that trip, we got engaged.  (Actually we got "promised" first, and Ruth is wearing her antique promise ring in this photo.  Then we got engaged.)  Anyway, this is "the woman I proposed to."  I got an 8x12 version of this picture from Ruth as a Valentine's Day gift -- I asked for it, so it's not like she's ultra-vain or something -- and keep it in my office, so people can say, "That's your wife?!?"  (That's quite a compliment for her.  I'm not sure their surprise says much about their opinion of me, though.)  By the way, she set up the the lighting and  her dad shot the picture; talented family!

My family had been planning a trip to Scotland to visit some old friends, and we figured it made sense to bring Ruth along.  So, here we are on a beach somewhere on Scotland's east coast.  (My Dad came through, just as I thought he would, and e-mailed me the details of where we were.  This is Pease Bay, on the North Sea; a few miles south of this beach is the northern border of England.)  This became our engagement photo, not that we had lots of places to send it.  (My Dad took the picture with his 35mm Voigtlander on a foggy afternoon; talented guy, too!  Note that I can't say "talented family" in this case, because nobody else had anything to do with setting up this particular photo... it was all Dad.)

Finally, we got married.  (After an 18-month engagement.  That's a long time.)  Here's one of our more interesting wedding photos.  Click on the picture and you'll get some more exciting details.  (I'll give you a hint:  Ruth's in white.)  Since I'm giving photographic credit on everything, I should mention that our wedding photos were done by Angela West, a friend of ours and semi-professional photographer who's now living in Iowa (by way of Mississippi, as her husband Ted advanced his career).


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