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You've read about my wife.  The other woman in my life who I love a lot is my Mom.

Unfortunately, nobody (that I know of) has written stories about my Mom, so I don't have any convenient stuff to link to like I can for my Dad.  But that doesn't mean that there isn't a lot to tell about her... just that I have to do the telling myself.

The most interesting experience my Mom has had in recent years is the removal of a cancerous ovarian tumor.  I'm not being irreverent or disrespectful; that's the same attitude she would approach it with.  Note that she does not "have ovarian cancer," and is not a "cancer survivor".  She's a human being who has various characteristics... and "the former possessor of a cancerous tumor" isn't one she chooses to emphasize.  I think that's a tremendously healthy attitude, and one that (with God's blessings of healing) has kept her healthy.

Her Stage 1 tumor was removed February 2002; because it was a "clear cell carcinoma", her doctor recommended six courses of chemotherapy.  Those treatments are now complete and, despite a day or two of tiredness and a new temporary hairstyle, she's had no trouble with the chemotherapy.  This teaches a couple important lessons:  God is a good God who is perfectly capable of healing and comfort... and, you shouldn't always believe the stories that some treatment or other is going to be a horrible experience.

You might be wondering, "So, is she cured?"  The short answer is "Yes".  The slightly longer answer is "She's as cured as any doctor is every going to declare when working with malignancies."  The more detailed answer is, "With good reason, she firmly believes that she was already cured even before she began treatment."  Why does she think that?  Keep reading...

If you're wondering where Mom is informed about the faith that has given her comfort through these experiences, check out Joyce Meyer Ministries, which is one of her favorite television shows.


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