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updated 3.20.2004

Someday, probably years from now because it's a real pain to scan, I'll put up scans of the MRI showing the herniated disk I had removed in 1993.  Even if you have no medical expertise whatsoever, you'll probably look at the images and say, "Ummm... that's not normal, is it?"

Until then, you can view the page I whipped up for a couple friends of mine, commemorating the 3rd anniversary of my having run my hand through a router.  (No, this doesn't belong on the Tech page.  We're talking about the woodworking tool, not the network traffic manager.)  I'm fine now... you'd never know how mangled my fingers were.  (The healing powers of the human body are amazing.)  Anyway, I created a Safety Page to warn others of the danger.

NOTE:  When showing this to a friend of mine, he was shocked and appalled to see that I put up a page that made prominent reference to my middle finger.  I had to explain to him that my hand was fully open (unlike a typical gesture involving the same digit) and that the purpose of the page was to illustrate (in mock caution-sign form) a damaged finger tip.  But I think that if you have to explain the humor, the humor is missing its audience.  So, minimally, don't be offended at the Safety Page because you didn't see what its purpose really is.


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