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updated 03.20.2005

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I took a plunge even bigger than the web log plunge and started a podcast.  I don't know how consistent I can be with it, but it's fun... though it's a lot of work for such a simple little show!  (Just like my STTV days in college -- which we dubbed "campus radio, with pictures!")


Years ago I took the plunge and started up a web log.  (Or is that "weblog"?  It doesn't matter; everyone calls them 'blogs, anyway.)  So, if you want to know my day-to-day (or week-to-week, or however often I end up updating it...) thoughts, check it out.  I figure it's so important, so major, so big, that it deserves its own top-level folder.  Wow!



In even higher demand than my Ruth page is my Kids page.  There you go.


As promised, I've created the Ruth Page to celebrate life with my beautiful wife.  (You know what's sad?  I just realized that rhymes.  It's been a long day...)  Someday, if you're really lucky, I'll put up some pictures of our hamster.


I discovered that UST's Journalism Department posted an on-line version of the write-up they did on my Dad when he left (after 32 years of teaching).  So, if you want to know who made me half the man I am today, I've posted a copy of the article.  (The other half of the credit goes to Mom, but I haven't found found anyone on the web who's posted an article about her yet... so I just had to go ahead and write my own story about her.)



Life.  Work.  Life.  Work.  Where do my classes in Human Resource Development fit?  Well, following Gene Audette's notion of Career Development that extends your "career" into the rest of your life (interests, hobbies, etc.), I guess everything I do falls into the "Life" category.  With that, visit my HRD page and see what I've been learning...



I've led an interesting life.  Starting at age 17 or so, my body started to fall apart.  Read all the highlight on my Health Page.  (It's not as bad as it sounds.  Actually, it's kinda funny.  And if I can laugh at this stuff...)



My folks live out in beautiful Ellsworth, Wisconsin, just an hour east of the Twin Cities.  They own ten acres on top of a hill, with a view (over rolling fields) of the courthouse four miles away.  Very pretty.  Anyway, I whipped up photo that shows their acreage, available here.  (It's courtesy of Microsoft's Terraserver, which is the most incredible chunk of the Internet I've ever seen.)

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